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Why Wedding Cinema and not Wedding Videography? I hear you say. Well, we like to refer to our films as cinematic, true and long-lasting. For us, video seems a little too functional. We want to eternally captivate you. Say goodbye to flat images and nonsense editing, wedding reels which last two hours. Seriouso tho, who wants to hear a priest blabber on for one hour of the video and watch thoughtlessly stitched together shots for the second hour? Our advice? If you’re going to book a Videographer, commit (wink wink). Get a wedding Filmographer who will turn your day into a timeless piece of engaging art.

So many styles are out there at the moment, so make sure you choose a Filmographer who will tell your story the way you’d like it to be told. Have you watched many wedding films? Have you cried multiple times to some randomner’s wedding, wondering “what the hell is wrong with me, I don’t even know them!”? Well then you probably found your match (unless you’re just not totes emosh as us).


Our wedding films are crafted to be cinematic. You see, we purposefully and artfully compose shots. We make full use of filmic lenses and fit those frames beautifully (if we do say so ourselves 😉 ). But really the bulk of our work takes place behind the editing suite. Carefully listening to speeches over and over again. Revisiting little tear-jerker or comedy moments. And, finally stitching all of these together into in a well thought-out and captivating story.


A narrative which is yours and yours alone. The film is true to you because it is made up of the most important people in your life reciting stories of you. These might be how you met, their first impressions of your other half, embarrassing yet hilarious revealing moments from your past and finally sincere words about why you both are each other’s best half. (Note: red-faced feelings of embarrassment, uncontrollable blubbering and hysterical laughter may incur.)


An engaging piece of art. The film is not just something that will be looked at once after the wedding and think “ah that was kind of cool.” Proven by our lovely-in-love past clients, it’s something that’s always revisited and watched together. They’ve been enjoyed with family members who couldn’t make the wedding due to illness or locality. Sitting down to watch it with absent guests can help you share the day with them and make them feel like they were there. Imagining they were perched in the pews during the ceremony, helping you get ready in the morning and enjoying a glass of champers at the reception. Showing your children down the line the biggest day your life, while nostalgically revisiting your story and remembering those who have passed-on. We want our films to be long-lasting and to have purpose. Are you ready?! Well then… let’s get the ball rolling!

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