Videographer of the Year 2017

Who’s making the speech?

When we found out we were in the running for Videographer of the Year with Weddings Online, we were absolutely delighted! First voted in by the public, we were then under the careful critiques of an external judging panel. We attended a glamourous evening at Clontarf Castle. Really just there for a well deserved evening of fun and frolics, we didn’t expect much. It’s always so eye opening to talk to other creatives in the industry and hear their thoughts and ideas. Strangely enough everyone is so different despite being in the same industry. It keeps things fresh and can get you so enthused to look at work from a new angle.

Enjoying a few drinks, we hear the announcement begins. Third in to be announced was Videographer of the Year. We both look at each other, what if we do win? We hadn’t really thought of it. Who is speaking? Do we even have to make a speech? The two of us, shy of public speaking, push each other encouragingly. Twitching nervously, Birds of a Feather gets called out! Luckily, there was no speeches made before us so we walked to stage to receive our award.

I think the progression of the two different photos here – before and after the award – show how absolutely ecstatic we were! Thank you so much to everyone who voted!


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