Cinematic Films to Stationery Design


So why choose your wedding films and design through us? Other than the obvious, cutting out another point of contact, we love collections! Collections that are coherent, different and which have the power to captivate.

We really feel that the design process shapes your day. Finding the right aesthetic to capture both your personalities is an aspect we love. And from consultations to brainstorming, it gives us a really excellent opportunity to get to know you. How you guys met, how your love story blossomed, what your humour might be like and your taste. So from the design process, you can imagine we would have quite a huge understanding of you. This, of course, translates into our films. We know what you like and what parts of the story will be important to you. In essence, your story begins with your invites and flourishes through your films.

Often, we find that the logos we design for couples become emblems of their day. Appearing on the front of menu cards, mass booklets, table settings, etc. We make sure to include these in the film and even design some coherent titles where needed. Meaning your films and stationery become a collection.

So are you ready to share your story with us? Lets hear your quirky stories, dapple with a few ideas and fuse it together with design and film!

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