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Films have an audio capacity that photographs don’t. Hearing the voice of a loved one narrating their story is something to be held dearly. And perhaps share with new family members who may not have got the chance to meet old family members. Or even to show to those who couldn’t be there due to locality or illness.

Our cinematic films aim to tell the truth through natural shots and storytelling.

Uniquely You

We know how important this day is for you. We’d like to help make your wedding everything you ever imagined and more; distinct, beautiful and uniquely you. We provide consultations to get a full understanding of your ideas (and of course we have some ideas of our own if you need a little help!).

We work a small number of weddings each year. This gives us the chance to really invest time into each wedding, ensuring that each work is a unique representation of our couples.

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Working in Twos

We work in twos to cover all elements of the day and are open to fun suggestions! Or if you liked to pick our brain for a few ideas, we’d only be happy to share.

Working in twos, means one filmographer can cover each partner in the morning. It also gives us a really great opportunity to get extremely clear audio. One will focus on visuals and the other on sound. We really believe in capturing everything to the best of its ability, resulting in high end cinematic films.


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We capture your narratives through naturally composed moving images. Always sensitive on the day, we work unobtrusively in the background. This allows us to capture truth and spontaneity, while you are blissfully unaware enjoying your day. Most admit that they don’t even notice us, which is exactly what we want to capture the subtle moments!

We also believe in working closely with your photographer, making sure we stay clear of each others’ cameras and pulling together to create some amazing frames. We work regularly with some of our favourite photographers and would be happy to send you on some recommendations if you haven’t already booked.

Our Packages

We offer a range of different packages, coverage options and add-ons. These add-ons can include extra edits, extra coverage and drone footage. More recently we hope to open private cinema screenings, so you can kick back with beer and bubbles to watch your films among friends and family.

Our edits can include a Short Film (5 minutes), a Featured Film (20 minutes), Full Ceremony & Full Speeches Films. If there is something slightly different you’d like please don’t be afraid to ask! We are always open to new and alternative ideas.

We’d love to meet you and hear all about your story! Feel free to contact us to get the ball rolling!

Any doubts? check out out faq’s.

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