Me & My .. Invite

When it comes to choosing, styling or designing your own invitation, there are a few thing to consider. Lets say tone, style, colour, type, stock, format etc, the list goes on. At times this can seem a little daunting and overwhelming if you want to create your perfect invite.

For us, we love the challenge, and let’s be honest when all them elements come together, it can be pretty exciting process for everyone! Culminating a wacky idea, to having something down on paper and then eventually for print to showcases your madness, or wonderful style to all of your friends.

A Quick Snap of How We Will Work

Mad and wonderful ideas are laid on a table, quite literally at times. Golden oldie photos, sailor ropes, flower arrangements, cut out magazine photos, or the wonderful inspo from pinterest or instagram.

The tone of the invitation is all about what we want to say and how we want to say it. Think of a mega festival wedding or smart black tie event. We are quite literally setting the tone of your marriage party. Language and copy is king here, and can be a fun way to integrate quirky poems, funny stories or hints to the wedding theme.

Let’s get styling. Colour, cutouts, shapes, typeface, photography, layouts, formats etc. This is all rolled into one, and will follow our idea generation and tone which we’ve decided to explore. Typeface is a biggie, as we love them, with their various characters and families. There is so much personality in typefaces, that an invitation with a well chosen one, needs no added frills or adornment. Just doing it’s thanng.

Choosing the stock and envelope is one of our last steps. Although stock selection comes at a latter stage, our designer will always create invitations with stock style in mind and will consult with the couple about their printing options. Stock and envelopes naturally go hand in hand and depending on the chosen invite colour or style, we may vary of envelope.

Finally, printing. Who doesn’t love a good print? We source high-quality stock and printing, to ensure that our designs look their best. It’s also a very exciting day when we get a delivery!! And you guys can finally invite your friends and family to the Wedding of the Year!


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