From London to Dublin, Florence and Perugia

“We call Giulia our Sunshine, and we think with Fraz, Giulia has met her own sunshine.”

Giulia and Fraz met nine years ago, on a college skiing trip to the Alps. They met on the first night and some might say, fell swooningly for one another right away. Fraser went about, trying to win over Giulia’s affection, and it was all official when they both wore red at the traffic light party four days later. Fast forward nine years, with all of their friends and family gathered in the scenic surrounds of Perugia, northern Italy, they were set to wed. With the ceremony taking place in the atrium of and old abbey – Abbazia Montelabate and the afters in a castle built in the twelfth century – Castello Ramazzano, it was set to be an occasion to remember.

We were hired to capture the events of the day and tell their beautiful story through film. The great thing about wedding film is that every story is unique in its own little way. Friends and family’s anecdotes and memories of the Bride and Groom; how they met, where they traveled to and now their journey continuing through marriage, is what makes it so special. The scenery, attention to detail and the Italian/ British fusion made this wedding authentic and timeless. For us, it was a pleasure to capture and help relive the vibrancy and love on the day.

Some wicked speeches also! ????

“To have two sunshine’s, defies our solar system, but this is where magic happens, and this is your story Giulia and Fraz”.

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