Email Responses 2016

What’s the most nerve-racking part of our job?

It’s actually not about all the little things that could go wrong on the day. By now, we are incredibly quick to use our intuition and experience to pre-empt or overcome problems when shooting.

Investing a huge amount of emotion into the editing part actually makes us quite attached to the people in our videos. I’ll often see a wedding member, maybe a bridesmaid or a groomsman walking past me in the city centre and I’ll have to stop myself from running over to ask them how their dog is or what have they been up to since the wedding. In all honesty they wouldn’t have a clue who I am, we may have not even spoken to each other on the day. However seeing faces and hearing stories for a couple of weeks on the editing screen, you feel like you really know everyone! And to create compelling edits, we are always careful to try understand everyone in a sensitive way. So when we send off the films to our newlyweds, this is really the most nerve-racking! We’ve become so invested in and sensitive to their story, that we are left a little fragile in anticipation of their response.

However, when we do hear back the response can be so rewarding! Seeing a real and genuine appreciation is something we will always cherish. The stories of each individual couple really shape our edits and help us learn and understand more about people. In anticipation of our 2017 Summer weddings, we strung together a few of our favourite email responses into one film. Hope you enjoy!

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