Four Birds, One Stone



It can be difficult when opting for your perfect package and which one will best suit your day. Here at Birds of a Feather, we have four main packages; The Robin, Lark and Owl, with one super duper package – The Golden Eagle.

To give you a quick insight, The Robin is a short film lasting 3-5 minutes and is a perfect length for family and friend viewing. Over the years, clients have told us how they cannot stop watching it on repeat for months on end! Everytime they watch it, they see something different. A new element, a funny moment or perhaps a guest’s expression. This is something we really hope for during our long and thoughtful editing phase!

The Lark, our most popular package, includes the short story with a feature film (18-20 minutes long). With two filmographers at hand, we usually have an abundance of beautiful unseen moments from the day. The longer versions allow us to create a more comprehensive coverage from your day – start to finish. It’s a great way to showcase a more in-depth version of the ceremony and the roles of everyone along the way. The speeches are an integral part of the story and we’re always sure to collaborate them with the footage throughout the day.

The Owl is our trio which includes a short film, feature film and speeches film. The speeches at times can be one of the most memorable parts of the day. You might be surprised what anecdotal gems come out of the woodwork. It’s a great way to relive and remember some of the stories, memories, and heartfelt good wishes from family and friends.

The Golden Eagle is our crème de la crème package. It comes with a short film, feature film, ceremony film, speeches film, RAW unedited footage, drone footage and 2 bespoke wooden USB keys. So if your wedding films are one of the most important elements for you, this is the one!

With all these in mind, it’s really up to you which one is your best match. Either way, you’ll have a beautiful keepsake from the day and one to show all the possible grandchildren about the good ole days! All of our Short Films can be viewed online through our vimeo page, for any feature film, speeches or ceremony versions please contact us.



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