I already have a photographer, do I really need a filmographer too?

This is totally up to you but we would recommend that you do as much research as possible before coming to a “yes” or “no” decision. Unfortunately, Irish couples’ biggest wedding day regret is not getting a filmographer. Wedding films have the capacity to capture moving images, atmospheric sounds and narrating audio, that stills don’t. We, at Birds of a Feather, aim to create timeless pieces, works that will be shared down the line with new family members who may never got the chance to meet old family members. Or perhaps friends and family who couldn’t make it on the day due to illness or locality. Or maybe just points of the day that you missed, you can’t be everywhere at once and they day goes by faster than the blink of an eye!

What should I expect on the day?

We predominantly work in twos, covering your day and capturing crisp audio. We are careful to be unobtrusive and work in the background filming the natural movements and important moments of the day. We also like to join the photographer during the photoshoot and work together to get some stunning individual moving shots.

When should I book?

We would recommend at least a year in advance. As we only take on a small number of projects each year, you are better to get in early to avoid disappointment once the spots fill up.

I like the Short Films, however I don’t feel like this is enough for me. Are there longer versions?

Not to worry! Our most popular package is the Lark Package, this includes a Short Film ( 4-5 minutes) and a Featured Film (20-22 minutes). If you feel like you’d also like a little longer of the ceremony or speeches alone, you can opt for the Owl Package. Feel free to contact us and we can send you over our detailed brochure.

Do I get to choose the music?

All the music we use is licensed, for this reason we do choose individual songs for you. We get a great sense for your music taste on the day and aim to translate this into our choices from upcoming songwriters and composers. In theory, as the music is almost always never-heard-before songs, they become your own individual musical score.

How long does the editing take?

In the busier season, April to September, edits can take 6-8 weeks. However in the quieter parts expect 3-6 weeks. We don’t like to rush the editing process and risk comprising the films so we do sit with them for a lengthy amount of time, review them between ourselves, tweak and then share.

What format is the end delivery?

We provide everyone with online versions through our Vimeo channel but we also send out .mp4s on our wooden hand crafted USB key and box, this is a complimentary gift from us to you. However if you are looking for a more intimate or cause of celebratory delivery, we have private cinema screenings where you can bring your loved ones and kick back with a class of bubbles.


The Design Process

This is where the fun begins, and you get to see your story jump from an idea to paper and reaching the happy hands of your family and friends. All good things start with a cup of tea (consultation), followed by a brain storm, concept development and final designs (by Louise). There is also X2 amendments stages within the cost, before we send the approved design to be printed. Delivery day is always a happy one!

What is the difference between a semi-custom design and a bespoke custom design?

Semi-custom pieces are designs that have either been created as something we offer for purchase in our shop, or something we have created for a past client. You can see most of those in our gallery. A custom design is something that we create together from the ground up. We collaborate and use your inspiration + direction to dream up something unique.

Can I change the color on the Invitations you have listed in your shop?

Yes! All colour is customisable.

How long will it take for semi customised invitations to be delivered?

Depending on your amends, customisation should only take a couple of weeks to create, and once artwork is approved, it will be sent to print. Printing takes around a week, but expedited deliveries can prioritised.

How long will it take for bespoke custom invitations?

The nature of bespoke is that it’s tailored to your needs, aesthetics and ideas. Every couple has always brought a unique sense of direction and feel to a custom invitation. We usually allow up to 4 weeks for this process, but sometimes it can take a little longer depending on our progress. It’s always an exciting and creative few weeks.

Will I see a proof of my invitation?

Of course! This information (how many rounds, timing, etc.) will be provided in the pdf we send after your initial inquiry.

Do the Invitation costs include design and printing?

Yes! There are no hidden costs and we consider the printing costs, time, design, amends and envelopes when we price each invitation. You then decide how many you would like. If you having a custom design, there is a minimum of 50 invitations for a “from scratch” creation. The rest is up to you.