Every colour

.. under the rainbow

Keith and Graeme were our first wedding of 2017. We started our styling with the most colourful palette we could nab our hands on. The guys were up for something fun and energetic, but also wanted an invitation that would set their tone in a classy and fun fashion. We knew they wanted something that their friends had never seen before. Something which would have an element of surprise but similarily think, “that’s so the guys!”.

From the onset, we took a collaborative approach, mix matching our ideas. The naming and type style  is always a forefront player when setting the tone and style. With K&G we had a colourful palette in mind, a ligature typeface and interesting fold when opened by guests.

The copy: 3 Words, 2 Grooms, 1 Venue.. And everything was based around this. A trifold was the optimum way to illustrate this idea, and also to integrate some interesting shapes with some digital gold foil effect.

We were lucky enough to be able to capture the guys big day on film also. An emotional day, full of love, laughter and good times. The branding and style which we developed was then used for table placements, mass booklets and menus.


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