An Alternative Route to Wedding Planning

Brian & Claire

Would you take an alternative route to wedding planning?

I think it’s safe to say Brian & Claire’s wedding will be one the most unique weddings this Summer. We had heard they met auditioning for Les Miserables and worked on the West End. It was clear it would be an absolute treat for the artistic being!

We loved the unconventional approach to planning their wedding day. Keeping the afternoon small and intimate with just their closest family members by their side, we filmed their unique ceremony by their favourite restaurant The Glebe Gardens. Filled with laughter, tears, ringing tuned bells and applause, poetry and a 3 piece ukulele band, Brian & Claire’s big day will be one we will never forget.

They continued the day by gracefully scaling the wild cliffs at the Baltimore Beacon. Claire very wisely took a pair of converse for the climb up! A delicious meal met them in The Glebe Gardens with their family on their return, before heading to Inis Beg where they were greeted by a wider group of close-ones. The evening events took place in a beautiful marquee, surrounded by games and pizza trucks. Brian and Claire surprised their loved ones with a spectacular performance of Master of House from the musical, Les Miserables.

It was an honour to film this day. It was moving to see the outstanding result of an incredibly kind couple. They planned an alternative route to their wedding day in the way that best represented them. We wish Brian & Claire all the best for the future and hope their day lives to be an inspiration to those who are thinking of planning their day a little differently!

Also humbled to film beside the delightful and talented Emma Jervis, you can check out Emma’s photos from he day here.

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